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Election Procedure

Phase I:

Election Registration

Phase II:

Voter Exhibition

Phase III:

Voter Verification

Phase IV:

Vote Casting

Phase V:

Election Results

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Reputable organisation(s) embark on elections each and every year to hand over the mantle of leadership to other administration. Organizing elections with such huge number of staff and members involve a lot of processes that if done correctly, would ensure the smooth and peaceful elections ever. We provide password protected software solutions to help the organisation, through automated tools, to run elections smoothly. This software comes in two forms which are the online and offline versions respectively. This lessens the burden of the management, the electoral commissioner, minimizes electoral fraud, reduces conflicts that might stage between various contestants and bring peace and unity among all members(Voters). NB: With our system, Exhibition is been held online and on our USSD.

Our elections platform works on USSD as well. This is to make sure those with GSM phone will not be denied voting. As Laptop and smart phone users are voting using our apps and web apps, GSM phone users will also be using the USSD service.


This is how our online version looks like. With Our online version, members will be sent automatic OTP which they will use together with an ID for the voting. Voting here is once. This means once you are voted, you cannot vote again.


This is also how our offline version works. Now with our offline version, members will come to the various polling stations with the Voter ID cards or any legal document to identify them as registered voters of the institution/organisation. Afterwards, they will have to see the verification officer who will verify the members by the Voter ID to see if that Voter ID exist. If exist the system will generate one time Voter Key which the verification officer will write it for the voter to use together with the Voter ID and proceed to vote. Voting is once.


We provide one of the best, secure, free and fair election software with one of the best pricing rate. RobSam takes GHS 1.50p per voter but we normally reduce the price due to the circumstance at hand on the side of the organisation conducting the elections. Moreover, the higher the number of voters, the lesser the pricing rate.